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By 1950 the love for the land and for the selection of the best products, passed down from our father...

The origins of the DAL BELLO S.r.l. date back to the 1950s, in the typical area of fruit and vegetable crops of Lusia (RO), when the founding father Vito Dal Bello, passed from farmer to early merchant markets. The passion, determination and love for the land has been collected by the sons

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Ingrosso ortofrutta Dal bello Lavorazione ortofrutta come insalata, carote e molto altro
Wholesale fruits and vegetables

For over thirty years DAL BELLO S.r.l. develops and select high quality standards that ensure provenance and freshness of the product, and a careful service flexibility ...

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  Fruit and vegetable processing

Some products are bought in the rough, especially during periods against the season for our area, then be processed according to the needs of retail, with personal rispettante the sanitation requirements ...

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  Fruit and vegetable distribution

The company adopts neutral packaging, new, of various kinds (plastic, wood) for the handling and shipping of products, however, always using types specifically indicated for food ...

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Dal Bello crosses the finish line of quality certification ISO 9001 DNV


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Dal Bello Renato and Giulio Srl

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