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Farm, Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables

The Company Farm Dal Bello, business unit Dal Bello srl, was founded in the 60s by the experience of Mr. Vito Dal Bello, with the aim of creating a chain of production in the horticultural sector.

The outdoor area for the production / cultivation s approximately 20 hectares of land, which are entirely managed through a system of saving irrigation, which aims to promote better productivity, while maintaining the utmost respect for the environment and nature.

The leading products of the farm are chicory Catalogna, chard, parsley, lettuce and cabbage: all products certified "GLOBALG.AP" by "Det Norske Veritas ITALY Srl".

As a result of experiences in the industry, the Company is constantly supported by the professionalism of a laboratory and an agronomist, in order to guarantee the quality and authenticity of fruit and vegetables consumed in both domestic and foreign, for which wants to be an important point of reference.

The primary objective of the Company that always arises is the full and complete satisfaction of its customers, ensuring that end, a vegetable product derived from a controlled supply chain and regulated by the current legislation.

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Dal Bello crosses the finish line of the certification of quality in fruits and vegetables DNV ISO 9001 certified quality management system, the company, the leader in wholesale of fruit and vegetables in the typical crops of Lusia (RO).Dal Bello srl, one of the historical realities of the trade of fruit and vegetables in the Lusia, has achieved the goal of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. This important recognition was issued by DNV has verified compliance with the standard of the main activities of the company, the management of relationships with the producers of the commodity fruit and vegetable storage until distribution to customers.

For over thirty years, Dal Bello work in the trade of fruit and vegetables in the typical crops of Lusia, known for the eponymous salad with IGP(IGT),available in the main varieties of lettuce, lettuce Brazilian, lettuce leaf and Lettuce boston.The company is recognized by the market for the high levels of quality and commitment in ensuring the provenance and freshness of the product, in addition to a careful service flexibility.

The achievement of ISO 9001 certification confirms, in a transparent and verifiable manner, the results obtained in terms of internal efficiency and quality of services offered to clients, demonstrating that the organization and processes of the company are in line with management models worldwide. The adjustment to the standard, making it more structured, effective and documented every step of the activity, has consolidated its rigorous approach to quality and control of the labor process that has always distinguished Dal Bello

A company that, for example, HACCP and the "cold chain" to ensure compliance with the rules of hygiene throughout the production chain, and supports the producers side by side with skilled technicians who carry regular analysis on samples of fruit and vegetables. "The decision to embark on the certification path is the natural evolution of a company policy that has as its main objective the satisfaction of customers through constant improvement of quality at all levels," said Sales Manager Manuel Dal Bello.

"Il riconoscimento della certificazione è un risultato prestigioso di cui beneficiano anche tutti i nostri fornitori che trovano nella nostra azienda un punto di riferimento in grado di valorizzare le loro produzioni sul mercato, in particolare nel canale sempre più competitivo della grande distribuzione".

"The recognition of certification is a prestigious result which also benefit all of our suppliers who in our company a benchmark that will enhance their productions on the market, particularly in the increasingly competitive channel of large retailers." "The achievement of ISO 9001 certification enhances and honors the work and commitment that the family thirty Dal Bello has made to keep pace with the times and the new challenges of a modern and rapidly evolving market," said Mark Omodeis Sale, Market developer Food Sector Venice for DNV.

In the certification path, since Bello was joined by Dr. Enrico Nezzo, freelancer who is a consultant to companies linked to the agri-food sector, particularly in fruit and vegetables and fish. "Praise to the family Dal Bello - commented Dr Enrico Nezzo - that at a time of crisis in the industry, he wanted to complete a challenging project, aiming also to increase controls on fruit and vegetable products offered to customers to ensure maximum food security of local vegetables. ". September 9, 2008





Dal Bello crosses the finish line of quality certification ISO 9001 DNV


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