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Company History fruit and vegetable:

The origins of the DAL BELLO SRL date back to the fifties, in the typical area of horticultural crops Lusia (RO), when Mr. Vito founded the first commercial enterprise and began to operate in the nearby fruit and vegetable markets.

In the 70s, were replaced by the sons Renato and Giulio, creating the first factory of 1200 square meters, and taking advantage of the moment to become suppliers of the most prestigious brands of retail fruit and vegetables.
In more than thirty years have expanded throughout northern Italy at the same time giving rise to a structure of 2500 square meters which includes 400 square meters of cold storage, 200 square meters of cargo area and the remaining fruit and vegetable warehouse connected to the dining workmanship, created and operating since 2010.

Today, the sons are part of the social plan of Julius, Manuel and Nico, who hold offices and personally take care of business relationships with its customers by developing and selecting high quality standards that ensure provenance and freshness of the fruitand vegetable product, and a careful product flexibility.

  • Guarantee the origin, quality, and freshness of the fruit and vegetable products.
  • Ensure availability of fruit and vegetable products throughout the year and for this reason the DAL BELLO Srl works with companies of Verona, with greenhouses, according to the proposed disciplinary, producing vegetables in the winter, providing our customers with a consistently high quality and continuity.
  • Serve customers in the best way possible, adding new to the existing one for years, letting us know in the whole of northern and central Italy.




Dal Bello crosses the finish line of quality certification ISO 9001 DNV


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